Donald Trump

Sakuma, Amanda. “Why Donald Trump’s racist remarks matter” MSNBC. 07/01/15. Web. 9/23/15. Msnbc is a very liberal news source. It is biased toward democrats, but it is a credible source of information. The intended audience is mainly democrats and liberals that want to keep up with the news in a liberal point of view. This article […]

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Mashable Source

Ascani, Christina. “Amazon’s new 4K-ready Fire TV could smoke the new Apple TV.” September 17th, 2015. Web. September 17th, 2015. This post talks about Amazon’s new Fire TV box, that is much more powerful than previous versions. The box streams netflix, plays games, music, and everything the previous Fire TV box does, but has […]

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Media Log, Part II

My media exposure started when I woke up, around 8 with my alarm. I checked all the social media and made sure nobody was dying or anything. I then drive to school with Spotify playing, and once at school, spend pretty much the rest of the day on and off Facebook Messenger. When I got […]

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To Look Up or Look Down

1.  The “Look Up”  video raised a few main points,  specifically how dependant we are on technology and media. I think the video points out what our society has become,  for good or bad,  and we should be careful of our media consumption. 2. “Look Down”  is the complete opposite of the “Look Up”  video, […]

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Nokia Challenge Recap

1.I failed the challenge.  I wasn’t even close.  I woke up and forgot about the challenge,  and used my phone like normal. Even being reminded of the challenge didn’t help,  there were too many things I needed to use my phone for. 2.I failed because I love my phone.  The Internet is the greatest thing […]

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