Media Log, Part II

  1. My media exposure started when I woke up, around 8 with my alarm. I checked all the social media and made sure nobody was dying or anything. I then drive to school with Spotify playing, and once at school, spend pretty much the rest of the day on and off Facebook Messenger. When I got home, I went on my computer and rechecked social media. I set an alarm to wake up to, and fell asleep.
  2. The media I am most exposed to is definitely Facebook Messenger. I am exposed to peoples opinions and thoughts I guess.
  3. Open time with nothing to do, such as lunch. I get lots of unproductive things done then.
  4. I multitask constantly. I always have my phone, and check it probably too often.
  5. I would say other that browsing the internet, I talk to people on Facebook Messenger, so I am the speaker about half the time.

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