Mashable Source

Ascani, Christina. “Amazon’s new 4K-ready Fire TV could smoke the new Apple TV.” September 17th, 2015. Web. September 17th, 2015.

This post talks about Amazon’s new Fire TV box, that is much more powerful than previous versions. The box streams netflix, plays games, music, and everything the previous Fire TV box does, but has better technology in it, and is much faster. It costs $99 and seems like an advertisement.

Mashable is a fairly credible source. The web pages are always complete, and they have many great articles to read. It is good to keep up with the current trends, and easy to analyze articles.

I think the most important part was the comparison to the Apple TV. Amazon offers a good alternative to the Apple TV, and this article is showing the difference. The only problem I had was the article seemed like an advertisement.


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