Donald Trump

Sakuma, Amanda. “Why Donald Trump’s racist remarks matter” MSNBC. 07/01/15. Web. 9/23/15.

Msnbc is a very liberal news source. It is biased toward democrats, but it is a credible source of information. The intended audience is mainly democrats and liberals that want to keep up with the news in a liberal point of view. This article criticizes Donald Trump, and talks about how Trump makes racist remarks toward minorities. The purpose of the article is to promote democratic candidates, and dissuade readers from republican presidential hopefuls, specifically Donald Trump.

Tankersley, Jim. “Citizens United Poll: Donald Trump Leads, Outsiders Dominate Field.” Breitbart. 9/23/15. Web. 9/23/15.

Breitbart is a conservative news and opinion website, that is decently credible. It is almost exclusively meant for conservatives and republicans to share their opinions on issues, as well as read news articles about republican politics. This particular articles focuses on why Donald Trump is winning in the polls. Specifically the article talks about the Citizens United Polls, and is meant inform republicans about the results.

My opinions:

As a candidate, I do not like Donald Trump. I don’t agree with his views on Climate Change, vaccinations, immigration, international conflicts, and many other issues. As a president though I do believe some issues he would be able to deal with better than other candidates, such as budgets and spending. Although that is a large issue, I do not believe he would be fit for president.

As a human, I believe Donald Trump is not a good person. He insults other candidates constantly, and is intentionally offensive to many different groups of people.

I would not vote for Donald Trump.


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