Dominant American Values in Advertising

This Snickers ad mainly uses nostalgia to capture viewers. The ad is based on “The Brady Bunch”, an older TV show. The target audience is middle-aged and older people who used to watch the show. There is also some progression used in the ad as the daughter changes from a rough looking Danny Trejo to a young girl.

The Mercedes-Benz commercial appeals to America’s value of achievement and success.  The turtle was able to win the race and also get the rabbit girl because of the Mercedes-Benz. Winning and getting rewards are ways Americans think of success.  The ad is focused on appealing to people who want to be successful, and  emphasizes that having a Mercedes-Benz means success.

This Microsoft commercial appeals to American’s dreams of achievement and success. In the ad, there is a lady who had an idea that would give children easy access to technology and information through Microsoft. Because kids are considered our future, Americans like to see the future generation learning and achieving success. It also appeals to the sense of activity and work, as this new information should help kids with their education and eventually contribute to the workforce and the economy.


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