Growth of Social Media

Over the past decade, Social Media has grown to billions of users. Most people have some sort of Social Media account. Facebook became the most popular Social Media network, but younger people are moving away from it. Mobile use has increased the usage, so that people can access Social Media anywhere instead of having to […]

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Social Media Prep Questions

I think pictures, posts, and re-tweets/shares play a large roll in how you view yourself. People post different types of media that’s they either like or agree with.  Different types of posts show what kind of person you are,  and how other people see you. My current profile picture is of my brother and I […]

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Social Media Inventory

I have 224 friends on Facebook. I like to follow snowboarding brands and ski channels. I have a Facebook account only to message people sometimes,  and look at cool snowboarding videos. I’d say over 99% of the time I am the audience when I use social media. Occasionally I will post something,  but very infrequently. […]

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Generation Like

In today’s world, the newest currency is “likes”. It could be on many different social media platforms, whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Teenagers post content online with the hope that other people will like and share the content. This system has become a way for teens to validate themselves and their social status. The […]

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Social Media in the News

Bell, Karissa. “Facebook is testing a way to search your camera roll to find photos of your friends.” Mashable. Date Published 11/9.15. Web. 11/9/15 Bell, Karisa. “Facebook won’t let you mention this website.” 11/6/15  Web. 11/9/15. Bell , Karissa. “It’s Not Facebook, It’s You: Social Media for Business.” 5/13/15. Web. 11/9/15. All three of these […]

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Celebs in the Media

Beals, Jonas. “New take on Taylor Swift’s latest album is a drag.” 10/1/15. Web. 10/21/15. The author’s opinion on her talent is very negative, saying she isn’t an incredible songwriter, and “Her lyrics are given more emotional heft than they deserve. They are, in fact, weightless enough to float atop just about any music […]

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