Celebs in the Media

Beals, Jonas. “New take on Taylor Swift’s latest album is a drag.” Fredericksburg.com. 10/1/15. Web. 10/21/15.

The author’s opinion on her talent is very negative, saying she isn’t an incredible songwriter, and “Her lyrics are given more emotional heft than they deserve. They are, in fact, weightless enough to float atop just about any music a producer concocts.” The author then compares her to Ryan Adams, who is “capable, for instance, of releasing three excellent albums in one year (which he did in 2005).” The author thinks Taylor Swift is not a good musician, and isn’t making music, but products to sell to people and to make money.

Ashagre, Aggie. “Taylor Swift Donates $50,000 to Dancer’s Nephew With Cancer” Billboard.com. 9/30/15. Web. 10/21/15.

The author’s opinion on her talent is very positive, saying she sells out stadiums all over the world, as well as breaking records on the charts. The claim is supported by a link to her songs that have made it to the top 100 songs. As a character, the author is very positive as well. The author talks about her generosity and how she donated money to a child with cancer. There is a link to the GoFundMe page for the kid in the article, as well as pictures of a tweet from the uncle, and a picture of the donation.

Visual Bias:

This cartoon is trying to show that carbon dioxide is a natural thing, and the EPA is over reacting to it. The cartoon shows two large bully type figures harassing the public about carbon dioxide. The public figure is saying he exhales carbon dioxide, making it seem like a more natural thing, but the comic is leaving out all the negative things about carbon dioxide.




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