Social Media in the News

Bell, Karissa. “Facebook is testing a way to search your camera roll to find photos of your friends.” Mashable. Date Published 11/9.15. Web. 11/9/15

Bell, Karisa. “Facebook won’t let you mention this website.” 11/6/15  Web. 11/9/15.

Bell , Karissa. “It’s Not Facebook, It’s You: Social Media for Business.” 5/13/15. Web. 11/9/15.

All three of these articles are related to Facebook. Two are from Mashable, and one is from Huffingtonpost. When looking for articles, I decided to choose Facebook because of how widespread it is. Each article was also particularly interesting to me. In one article, the main idea is about new software from Facebook that is being developed to find pictures of your friends in your phone’s pictures.

In the article about Facebook blocking the site, I thought it looked like one big advertisement for Tsu. It talks about how the site works, as well as what makes it popular.

The third article on the benefits of marketing on Facebook is quite interesting actually. Almost 100% increases have been reported from when people who use Facebook to advertise their business.  Not all advertisements can say they doubled the sales of their advertiser.  I think that’s pretty interesting.


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