Social Media Prep Questions

  1. I think pictures, posts, and re-tweets/shares play a large roll in how you view yourself. People post different types of media that’s they either like or agree with.  Different types of posts show what kind of person you are,  and how other people see you.
  2. My current profile picture is of my brother and I at a football game with the guy who sat next to us.  The message I am most likely sending it I enjoy watching sports games and doing activities.
  3. The last thing I posted is a picture of a trip I took this summer, of me on top of a mountain.  It’s pretty cool.  This picture says I like backpacking and climbing mountains. The second post was from Prom,  an album of awkward Prom pictures that I was tagged in,  along with the pictures we took. The third post is a text post from a long time ago that says “I love how durable penguins are”.   After watching Happy Feet,  someone said that and I decided to quote them in a post on Facebook. Without context it may send a message about my love for penguins,  when I am not a huge fan of penguins.
  4. My last three likes have been on snowboarding posts and posts from cool places to go snowboarding. This probably says that I like this kind of content.
  5. I don’t post often, but if I do it usually has a little bit of thought.
  6. A potential employer would probably think I am a sports fan. I’m not a huge sports fan.
  7. There is a point as to where we learn too much from social media. Once people post things that are just “too far”, like selfies with dead people.
  8. I have accounts on every popular social media platforms, but I don’t use most of them. My online identity is  basically just Facebook, but I really don’t use that much.
  9. My audience is only people that I know on Facebook, and people on Reddit. I don’t cater my content to appeal to anybody except myself.
  10. The differences between social networking and real-life interactions are seeing people face to face, and the time people can see things for. A post can be viewed by anyone as long as it is still posted, but a conversation can’t be recorded unless it is, well, recorded.

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