Video Commentary

1.  I think the song is about whoever you are, you can be anything you set your mind to. If anyone says you can’t, take that as a challenge to prove them wrong. It’s a song about never giving up, and achieving your dreams even though you may have obstacles in your way. 2. I think […]

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Personal Connections

Hollywood Undead “Rain” – 1)Still surrounded by the people you don’t know, so don’t go 2)Cause once it’s over, the time fades your photo Red Hot Chili Peppers “Californiacation” – 1)And tidal waves couldn’t save the world From Californication 2)Space may be the final frontier But it’s made in a Hollywood basement   In the first song, […]

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The Interview

Part 1:  Mar, Maria. “An Interview With We The Kings: The Art Of War” The Aquarian, 19 March 2014. Web. 07 Dec. 2015. Jared Shameless.“We The Kings interview – Summerfest 2013 Tour”. Online video. YouTube. YouTube, 13 August 2013. Web. 7 December 2015. In the video, the singer of We The Kings talked about how […]

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The Playlist

Eagles “Hotel California” (Rock) 1976 Script “Hall of Fame”  (Pop) 2012 We The Kings “Check Yes, Juliet” (Rock) 2007 Hollywood Undead “Rain” (Rock)  2013 Kid Ink “Money and the Power” (Hip Hop) 2014 Rise Against “Savior” (Rock) 2008 Red Hot Chili Peppers “Californiacation” (Rock) 1999 MGK “Edge Of Destruction” (Rap/Hip Hip) 2012 Timeflies “For You” […]

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Responsible Use

Responsible tech use tips: 1) Think before you post on social media 2) Remember how many people can see your posts online 3) Share passwords for accounts and your phone with no one 4) Use the advantages of social media to keep in contact with people 5) Remember to log out of accounts when using […]

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Creating an online identity is something we all do. Most people have social media accounts that they use regularly, and create online identities for themselves. However, the film “Catfish” defined how some people stretch the truth, or even flat out lie about their identities on the internet. In the film, Nev makes it his mission […]

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