Creating an online identity is something we all do. Most people have social media accounts that they use regularly, and create online identities for themselves. However, the film “Catfish” defined how some people stretch the truth, or even flat out lie about their identities on the internet. In the film, Nev makes it his mission to find out the truth behind ‘Megan’. He had a romantic relationship with a woman on Facebook, and after slowly piecing together bits of information that didn’t fit together, needed to find out the truth about what was really going on.

Nev’s story defined the term “Catfish”, but there have been many people who have had the same experience. Manti Te’o, a former linebacker for Notre Dame, was tricked into being in a relationship with someone on the internet. Nev currently gets many emails from people with similar stories, which have tried to meet and reach out to the person, but can’t because they do not exist.


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