The Playlist

  1. Eagles “Hotel California” (Rock) 1976
  2. Script “Hall of Fame”  (Pop) 2012
  3. We The Kings “Check Yes, Juliet” (Rock) 2007
  4. Hollywood Undead “Rain” (Rock)  2013
  5. Kid Ink “Money and the Power” (Hip Hop) 2014
  6. Rise Against “Savior” (Rock) 2008
  7. Red Hot Chili Peppers “Californiacation” (Rock) 1999
  8. MGK “Edge Of Destruction” (Rap/Hip Hip) 2012
  9. Timeflies “For You” (Rock)  2011
  10. Bowling For Soup “1985” (Rock) 2004

**Bonus track

John Lennon “Imagine” (Soft-Rock) 1971

As the audience, I listen to whatever I think sounds good. I don’t really have one particular taste in music. Sometimes music from all genres can sound good. I used to only listen to the CDs my parents had, which were mostly rock, so I kind of prefer rock more than other genres. My music taste has changed since then, and I can appreciate all different types of music. Even country music is ok sometimes. The ten songs that made it to the list were from a playlist I made awhile ago, but I still like the songs on it. They are almost all rock songs, because they fit together a lot better than a random selection of songs I like. There were a couple songs that I would have put on the list, but just weren’t similar to any of the other songs, so I decided to not include them in the playlist.


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