Listener’s Analysis

Often people feel a connection with music by the lyrics, artist, or even the sound. I think usually this connection starts with the audience. When they listen to a song, or enjoy music, they might relate to a song’s lyrics. The song could describe something the listener has experienced, or the sound of the song could be appealing. Listening to a new artist’s song could show the listener a new type of music, or more from the artist that they like and make a connection. I think that a change in musical taste could be explained by being able to relate to a new type of music. As the listener changes or gets older,  they may find it harder to connect with artist they once connected with. This could make people want to find new and interesting musicians to connect with more often.

I connect to music mostly by how music sounds. I don’t know half of the lyrics of some songs I listen to, because I just like how they sound. I think music connects people in different ways, and can change how people feel almost instantly, which is a big draw for being a music fan.



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